Dec 1, 2015

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What Is Instagram? Exploring This Popular Smartphone App

instagramIf you are even remotely familiar with social media or smartphones, you have likely heard of Instagram. However, you may not fully understand why this app is so beloved by billions of people around the world. Do not be embarrassed about this; many people who do not use the application are curious about it. This article details some of the main features of the app and explains why it is so popular among all types of people.

Instagram is a smartphone application used for social networking. People use the app in order to share photos and videos that are taken on their smartphones. The application is somewhat similar to Facebook and Twitter in how it operates. When people create an account, they set up a profile with their basic information. They also have a news feed to follow others who use the app.

When users upload photos and videos to this application, this media is shown on their profile and in the news feeds of other Instagram users. The photos and videos are displayed in a grid-like manner on the user’s profile, but they are laid out one-by-one in a news feed. In order to see another person’s photo in a news feed, an Instagram user must “follow” that person. Following someone on Instagram is similar to following them on Twitter or on Facebook.

Like most social media platforms, Instagram offers users a handful of different privacy settings. Users can choose to have a public or private profile. With a private profile, the user must approve ‘follow requests’ to allow others to see their photos. There is also a blocking feature available through Instagram that people can use to block out spam or unwanted attention.

One reason Instagram is so popular is due to the “hashtag” feature that is widely used. Hashtags are relevant tags that people add to their photo captions, and these tags are used in the “search” feature. For example, fashion lovers can search for their favorite brands and styles using hashtags. They can tag their own photos for other fashion lovers to find them.

As you can now see, Instagram is a tool that allows people from all walks of like to share photos and videos instantly. This makes sharing media easier than ever before. If you are interested in creating an Instagram profile, you can download the free app and create a free account.

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